Posts You get these by simply posting around the site!
The Noob
Welcome to GL! You get this by making one post on the forum.
Total awarded: 3,743
PlayStation Fan!
Make 100 posts in the World of PlayStation board!
Total awarded: 3
Nintendo Fan
Make 100 posts in World of Nintendo Board
Total awarded: 5
Xbox Fan
Make 100 posts in the World of Xbox board
Total awarded: 0
PC fanboy
make 100 posts in world of PC board
Total awarded: 5
100 Posts!
Congrats on making 100 posts on Gaming Latest!
Total awarded: 97
Anime Fan
Make 100 posts in the anime forum!
Total awarded: 5
500 posts
Congrats on making 500 posts on the forum!
Total awarded: 56
1000 Posts
Congrats and thank you for making 1000 posts on Gaming Latest
Total awarded: 39
Beginning Record Setter
Submitted your first record in the Records forum! You're on your way to internet fame!
Total awarded: 7
Regular Record Setter
Submitted 10 records to the Records forum! Setting records is fun, isn't it?
Total awarded: 2
World record setter
Submitted your 100th record to the Records forum! You have made internet history! I wonder if these records are being listed elsewhere...
Total awarded: 1