1. Faceless


    Points: 0

    You have no avatar uploaded, whats wrong with you?!

  2. Steam Connected

    Steam Connected

    Points: 10

    You've connected your steam account to your GL account!

  3. Beloved


    Points: 10

    You have received five likes!

  4. Two Years

    Two Years

    Points: 10

    Congrats even more! You've been a member of this forum for two years! (730 days)

  5. Three Years

    Three Years

    Points: 10

    Holy cow! You've been a member on this forum for three whole years now! (1095 days)

  6. Four Years!

    Four Years!

    Points: 10

    It's been four years now since you've joined this site! Thanks for sticking with us.

  7. Five Years

    Five Years

    Points: 10

    You've been with us for over 1825 days! That's five years btw.

  8. You've Started an Album

    You've Started an Album

    Points: 10

    Make one album picture in the media gallery.

  9. Welcome to Media!

    Welcome to Media!

    Points: 10

    Post one image in our media gallery.

  10. Gather a Party

    Gather a Party

    Points: 15

    You've gotten 15 followers on your profile

  11. One Year

    One Year

    Points: 20

    Congrats! You've been a member of this board for one whole year! (365 days)

  12. Gather an Army

    Gather an Army

    Points: 25

    You've gotten 100 followers on your profile!

  13. Board Posts

  14. Welcome Noob

    Welcome Noob

    Points: 1

    Post a message somewhere on the site to receive this.

  15. Who is the noob?

    Who is the noob?

    Points: 1

    Make a topic in the start screen welcome board!

  16. Anime Nerd

    Anime Nerd

    Points: 10

    You've made 50 posts in the anime board!

  17. Tech Guru

    Tech Guru

    Points: 10

    You've made 100 posts in the technology board!

  18. Are you Curious?

    Are you Curious?

    Points: 10

    Make over 100 Posts in Ask a Gamer

  19. Princess in Another Castle

    Princess in Another Castle

    Points: 10

    You've made over 100 posts in the power off board

  20. Movie Gamer

    Movie Gamer

    Points: 10

    You've made 50 posts in the big screen board.

  21. Debate Lord

    Debate Lord

    Points: 15

    Make 50 posts in the debate board.

  22. Sony Geek

    Sony Geek

    Points: 30

    You've made 50 posts in the World of Playstation board!

  23. Nintendo Geek

    Nintendo Geek

    Points: 30

    You've made 50 posts in the World of Nintendo board.

  24. Xbox Geek

    Xbox Geek

    Points: 30

    You've made 50 posts in the world of xbox.

  25. Gamer Nerd

    Gamer Nerd

    Points: 30

    You've made 100 posts in Gamer's hub board!

  26. PC Geek

    PC Geek

    Points: 30

    You've made 50 posts in the PC board!

  27. Handheld Geek

    Handheld Geek

    Points: 30

    You've made 40 posts in the Nintendo hand held board!

  28. Full Gamer

    Full Gamer

    Points: 30

    You've made 50 posts and are now a full Gaming Latest member!

  29. Special

  30. King of Gaming Latest

    King of Gaming Latest

    Points: 0

    The current owner of Gaming Latest only has this trophy!

  31. Store Buyer!

    Store Buyer!

    Points: 1

    Buy one thing in the Gaming Latest Store

  32. I am Error

    I am Error

    Points: 10

    You've reported a confirmed GL bug in the bug report board

  33. Limitless


    Points: 10

    Your limits know no bounds as you've earned 500 trophy points or more on Gaming Latest!

  34. Member of the Month

    Member of the Month

    Points: 20

    You've gotten Member of the month for the first time!

  35. Happy Birthday!

    Happy Birthday!

    Points: 25

    You have celebrated one birthday on the Gaming Latest forums!

  36. MVP


    Points: 50

    Earn Member of the month 5 times!

  37. You're Rich

    You're Rich

    Points: 100

    You've earned 10,000 money in the Gaming Latest bank!

  38. Arcade

  39. Second Place

    Second Place

    Points: 5

    You've earned second place in three arcade games or more.

  40. Steal Scores

    Steal Scores

    Points: 5

    You've taken five high sores from other players!

  41. Arcade newbie

    Arcade newbie

    Points: 5

    You've racked up 10 arcade scores.

  42. Arcade Skilled

    Arcade Skilled

    Points: 15

    You've gotten over 50 high scores in the arcade!

  43. Arcade Expert

    Arcade Expert

    Points: 20

    You've gotten over 100 high scores in the arcade

  44. Gaming

  45. PSN Platinum

    PSN Platinum

    Points: 10

    Show that you have platinum 10 or more Playstation games!

  46. PSN Gold

    PSN Gold

    Points: 10

    Show that you have 25 gold trophies or more for playstation games!

  47. PSN Silver

    PSN Silver

    Points: 10

    Shown that you have gotten 50 silver trophies or more on playstation games

  48. PSN Bronze

    PSN Bronze

    Points: 10

    Show that you have 75 or more bronze trophies in playstation games.

  49. Xbox Achievements

    Xbox Achievements

    Points: 10

    Show that you have over 100 Xbox achievements

  50. Xbox Achievements 2

    Xbox Achievements 2

    Points: 10

    Show that you have over 500 Xbox Achievements!

  51. Team Fortress 2

    Team Fortress 2

    Points: 10

    Prove you own and play Team fortress 2 by linking your steam account to Edge Gamer!

  52. Xbox Achievements 3

    Xbox Achievements 3

    Points: 30

    Show that you have over 1000 Xbox Achievements!