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    Toonami Airing Dr. Stone

    Here is the trailer:
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    Is it harder to buy a 2019 Windows 10 Desktop computers from a retail store with slow web browsing performance?

    sounds like I simply got lucky. Though I don't go around updating my bios.
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    Last Game Played

    tales of Vespria
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    Always allow flash in chrome?

    thank you!
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    Last program used

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    I will be fixing the forum all week

    I'll have the store fully done by the end of the month, after that I just need the addon makers to hurry the hell up.
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    what are you listening to right now?

    black clover ost
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    Do you think Cable TV boxes, and TV tuner boxes will be as popular in the future?

    I do believe they will die out, hard to say how Tivo's boxes will last. I'm using two of Tivo's boxes now, I don't know if I will buy new if they die out.
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    Do you think fewer people use Stadia when new affordable desktop PC can run most games at higher video settings without slowdown problems?

    Hard to say, its why I'm interested to see how this will play out for google's service.
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    Do you feel most Windows users experience Windows update problems ?

    well complaining online won't get it fixed. So yeah, got to take it somewhere to get the OS reimaged unless you know how to do it.
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    Disney's Mulan Live Action

    Disney does not like those who protest, this could kill the movie.
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    Do most people notice faster web browsing speed on a desktop gaming computer?

    I guess SSD to launch the browser and RAM to manage it, but otherwise nothing else should affect it. like I have to explain it to the old folks buying a new PC, a new one will not making the internet faster.
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    Anime Summer 2019 List

    I'll keep it in mind then.
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    Multi Video Games Release Dates Week (8/12/19+)

    looks pretty good.