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    PlayStation Trails Of Cold Steel III Coming West Fall 2019

    nice character designs.
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    Multi Video Games Release Dates Week (6/24/19+)

    Not even Judgement? The Yakuza spin off game?
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    IntoxNitram's list of things to play in 2019

    I thought it took me forever for a few months for a game :P
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    PlayStation Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled Is Suffering Online Issues

    I imagine it takes time to properly configure the setting for all the incoming users.
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    Do you prefer digital copy or physical copy of the game?

    $60 for the HDD, then I just needed a screwdrive and a little elbow grease to pop off the cover, unscrew the hard drive holder, swap them out, stick in a pre made usb to reload the PlayStation OS and I was set to go.
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    Last program used

    file zilla
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    E3 Oninaki Release Date

    eventually yes.
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    Nintendo "Iwata Asks" Series

    I'm sure he had a lot of interesting stuff to say.
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    Xbox Microsoft's Layoffs

    Ouch again, doing this around E3 seems to be the worst time.
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    PlayStation Sony ending Nasne

    Shipments for Sony’s Nasne, the PlayStation’s multimedia hub, will cease in the upcoming days. The Japan-only DVR was released back in 2012 primarily for the PS3 and Vita, and later got an update for PS4. The Japan-only DVR was released back in 2012 primarily for the PS3 and Vita, and later got...
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    Raspberry Pi 4 Announced

    Today, the Raspberry Pi foundation announced the Raspberry Pi 4, a huge upgrade over its predecessors with nearly 3x the CPU performance, more RAM options, and support for multiple displays starting at the same price as the previous model; just $35. If you aren’t familiar with the Raspberry...
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    the cloak guy, since I would like to keep my bashful face hidden :P
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    I will be fixing the forum all week

    So I have reached out to Xenforo to figure a few things out. REALLY hoping to get the main issues done this week and move onto other stuff.
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    Multi Video Games Release Dates Week (6/24/19+)

    Welcome everyone to another week of game releases! We got a nice few titles for you this week which is sure to keep you busy and frustrated for months to come! Whatever opens your wallet, take your pick: Monday (6/24/19): Heavy Rain (PC) Azuran Tales: Trials (Switch) Devil May Cry (Switch)...
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    E3 Post Contest

    yep, ends when the month ends.