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  • MY DEAR, DEAR ELVIS! HOW I'VE MISSED YOU SO! *lunges, ruffles hair, drops pants inappropriately*
    I will make it my first most duty to uh... something something NINTENDAN something.
    Ha, wow, you really haven't been here (and by here I mean DSU or this place) for a long time. DSU officially closed on October 19th. Also, by coincidence, my birthday is October 19th (best present ever? Maybe? Maybe not?)
    I was a member since 2008, maybe 2009, idk. Yes, I was a newer, member. I was the brother of DK64TYL (DonkeyKong64TheLoverYeah). I believe he wanted to join. I'm probably gonna get him to joins soon. He's 17-18, idk his age right because he is in College now. I don't pay much attention to him anymore.
    So, does it feel weird that we've been here for over 2 months, already have over 100 members, over 10,000 posts, and you only just found the site? :p
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