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    Voice actors as singers

    The opening for the second season of Rosario Vampire was pretty great
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    Voice actors as singers

    I wouldn’t call it rare at all depending on what genre you watch. It’s almost becoming required for female VA’s. I like Ai Kayano’s voice for her shows.
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    Nintendo Classic Dragon Quest Games Are Coming to Nintendo Switch

    The third game is the only one that actually holds up today. The original is really a curiosity piece because of how archaic it is. It’s the first well known JRPG, and it shows. The second one is a little better, but not by much.
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    Have you tried the Beta version of Microsoft Edge web browser based on Chromium web browser?

    I feel like if I have to use a browser that’s basically Chrome, I might as well just use Chrome.
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    Iphone 11

    Idk how many people want a wide lens camera, but they’re hardly the only phone with 3 cameras like the Galaxy S10+ and a multitude of others. Maybe it’s the “in” thing with phone manufacturers.
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    Iphone 11

    I just had to get used to not having a home button, but that only took a few minutes. Other than that, I love the screen quality, and I love using the telephoto lens to take pictures of stupid things I buy.
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    Discontinued anime series

    Sometimes you gotta end something while it’s really bad, before it gets even worse.
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    Iphone 11

    I have a XS, so I’m not in the market for a new phone.
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    Do you boss around people?

    In my position, I have to. So yes.
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    Discontinued anime series

    I know Bleach and Roroni Kenshin got cancelled. Outside of that, it’s really the seasonal stuff that hasn’t got a second or third season in several years.
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    Do you feel unprotected from criminals when sitting in a car with open windows, no doors, no roof or soft roof made from clothe?

    I don’t live in a very crime ridden place, so there’s no need for me to feel paranoid as the chances of me getting attacked are slim to none. If I lived in Detroit or St Louis, I doubt it’d be a different story.
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    Why do Gamers post low quality gameplay videos on YouTube of them gaming on a slower Windows computer?

    It’s possible they might not be able to afford a nicer computer, or they’re not as anal about specs as your typical pc gamer, and just care about being able to play the game.
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    What will be the oldest electric device some people will own in the future?

    A lot of modern records come with MP3 download codes that sound better than the USB recording.
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    Nintendo Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore

    I wasn’t fond of the idol songs, but that’s also contributed to me not really liking JPOP