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    PlayStation Store Sale!

    I know all three like him, but there's a difference between that, and being thirsty. The thirsty part is them trying to get in his pants every bonding scene.
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    PlayStation Store Sale!

    My biggest gripe was that they made a lot of the characters really annoying. I don’t recall Silica, Lizbeth, and Leafa being that thirsty for Kirito either.
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    How much would you pay for a collectors editions of a game?

    I personally don’t care about them, but if it’s not too big of a price difference (like some being $10 extra dollars) for an art book and OST CD, sure, why not. I never had interest in the ones that just have a ton of nickknacks.
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    PlayStation Store Sale!

    My personal experience, the SAO titles are mostly mediocre at best. They’re like those off the beaten path JRPG’s where there’s quirky game elements, and a non-existent story, but plenty of fanservice/harem antics.
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    Do you prefer digital copy or physical copy of the game?

    I’m old school and prefer physical copies. Physical copies seem more permanent, as if I lose my copy, there’s nothing really stopping me from getting another one. Digital copies, if the console’s online store is shut off, or that particular game is no longer on the store, I can’t get it. Also...
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    PlayStation Trails Of Cold Steel III Coming West Fall 2019

    I was just talking about all the crazy shit from the fandom. If it looks like I was trying to accuse you, I wasn’t.
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    PlayStation Trails Of Cold Steel III Coming West Fall 2019

    Based on what I’ve seen from discussions, and personal experience (at least for what people told me about Coldsteel 1), is that some of these really loud and vocal fans are sort of blowing out of proportion of how integral all of these games are to each other. This makes the series seem...
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    PlayStation Trails Of Cold Steel III Coming West Fall 2019

    Probably, I’ve dicked around in Zero.
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    Which anime are a must to watch?

    I don’t think there’s ever a good overall list for this, because there are vastly different genres in anime, but a lot of people think anime is a singular genre. When I get asked his question, I tend to prefer naming off shows in specific genres, and I also ask what genres they do like. If...
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    PlayStation Trails Of Cold Steel III Coming West Fall 2019

    I keep seeing vastly differing opinions on how required the Liberl and Crossbell games are from people claiming they’ve followed translation guides for Cold Steel III and Crossbell. So I can’t tell if it’s based on what you as a person consider required reading material, or it’s all hearsay and...
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    this is why I mock apple fans

    That’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about how their consumer level Macs are advertised next to their pro level Macs. Because of that, it leads to confusion that it’s just a computer that happens to be $5k or just a monitor that’s $5k. Dell has professional level equipment, but I doubt...
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    South Korea Plans To Shift To Linux From Windows

    I highly doubt storage space on their individual computers are why they’re moving to Linux, especially since I can guarantee they have file servers. They’re more than likely moving to Linux for security reasons.
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    this is why I mock apple fans

    People definitely forget that Apple deals in the professional market. While I’m not justifying the price for the monitor stand, the world of professional grade gear all have accessories that are obnoxiously expensive, a lot of times, for no reason at all. I think the confusion with their...
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    Real Life Yandere

    I don’t find her very attractive tbh. I’m not sure how many people are actually serious about those memes. Plenty of it seems like they’re taking a piss out of the situation because yandere was a fictional trope, so seeing it irl makes it entertaining.
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    How long can you play?

    As I got older, I don’t have the patience to sit down and game for 8 hours straight like when I was younger. I have other things I want to take care of, so I can’t just waste the entire day doing a single task.