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    last tv show you watched?

    Watched a bit of Lucifer earlier. Might be getting slowly bored of it considering they've made it all about love and have somewhat forgotten about the supernatural stuff.
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    Amazon Prime Day

    It's Amazon Prime day (well tomorrow as well). Seems to be a lot of hype for an event that isn't that great really. Did you guys buy anything?
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    General Gaming Latest Chat

    As much as I hate the heat from time to time, I would love some sunshine over here in the UK again. It's been a bit dull with all the cloudy weather recently.
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    I just discovered a new band

    It's always amazing to find a new artist or band. Always great to find some new music that you can just overplay for a long time :D
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    General Gaming Latest Chat

    Doesn't help that it's hella hot and stuffy in the night now as well so it's harder to fall asleep
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    Stadia European Gamers Survey On Stadia

    You can't always trust the polls either. There's no way that any serious gamer has voted that they are happy to pay £35 per month for Stadia.
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    PlayStation Plus Free Games (July)

    What would be really cool is if they gave us a selection of games every month and people could choose which two that they could get for free. Maybe have two lists and you can only have 1 from each list so that you're forced to take an indie game as well
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    General Gaming Latest Chat

    Evening everyone. Tonight might be the first night I don't watch any TV shows and just go to bed straight away. So damn tired.
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    Do you post regularly in other message boards, and have any standards for posts?

    I don't really have any standards per se but I try to avoid making one worded responses. I frequent quite a few forums, this one obviously being one of them :D
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    Do you gently tap and knock on electronics to hear how they sound like when you tap and knock them with your hand or finger before buying them?

    I have never done this with electronics. I mean, I'll do it with certain other things when buying them but never thought of doing it with electronics lol
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    Gaming Latest Shop and Credits in Beta

    Awesome idea and I'm definitely putting all of my credits into the bank. Can't wait for that interest to be enabled lol
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    Other The China-US Trade War Could Increase Game Hardware Prices

    I'll be happy for you guys but I don't have much confidence right now. Wouldn't be surprised if he ends up getting another four :flushed:
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    Gaming Reinvented Cuphead Gets Netflix Adaptation

    It will be interesting to see how it is. Of all the games that might get an adaptation, it slightly makes more sense that Cuphead would get one.
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    Nintendo Nintendo Is Updating The Original Switch With A New CPU?

    I felt like a bit of an idiot because when I read that title, I was thinking how are they going to manage to replace the CPU on older devices then it hit me that they are going to release a newer version :laughing:
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    Nintendo Nintendo Switch Lite Announced

    It's a nice idea but I feel like the price is a bit too similar to the normal Switch. I don't understand why people wouldn't spend a tiny bit more and just get the normal Switch that offers so much more.