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    Do you play as female character online?

    This pretty much lol. And honestly, cosmetic outfits/accessories, and sometimes even actual gear, look way better on female characters.
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    N64 Co-Op now in Ocarina Of Time

    Whyyyyy? It worked pretty well for Triforce Heroes.
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    N64 Co-Op now in Ocarina Of Time

    Its sad that fans have to make these. Breath of the Wild would have been so much better with even 2 player co-ops. Or even a smaller survival style co-op mode.
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    Current Anime Watching

    Cat Planet Cuties, my friend wanted me to watch it with her lol >~>
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    How often are you online each day?

    Most of my work involves me being on my PC, and since I often have to look stuff up, and respond to messages nearly all day, I'd say I'm only offline about 2 hours a day, plus the 8 hours of sleep I get.
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    Kimi no Na wa. (Your Name.)

    I'd say it deserves the spot. Honestly it would be hard for me to say which one of the two is better, hell my very own top 3s would be completely different. But hype or not, if people rated it higher than Steins;Gate (although its a mere .01 difference in the score), then it deserves it. Its...
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    Very fast paced anime song

    There's probably one or two out there, but none that I know of/can remember. Have this for now xP
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    Ragnarok The Animation

    Some Ragnarok Online successor released about 5 years ago, got revamped this month.
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    Rollable TV Concept

    Even more so for men trying to impress women.
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    Long-Distance Wi-Fi

    Even if they dont reduce the price of their packages, I doubt they would be able to raise them without suffering some amount of backslash. They could get rid of the lower priced ones to force people to buy their currently expensive ones, but that's about all they could do to deal with it. At...
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    Sick again

    Slept 11 the other day and I wasnt even sick xD
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    Will Nintendo ever hire tablet makers like Samsung to make Gaming tablets for Nintendo?

    I honestly dont see why they would hire a company when they could do it themselves. They would spend less, yes, but also earn less. They might as well make a handheld that has all the capabilities of a tablet, with their own extra accessories and software, maybe including an inbuilt emulator...
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    Noises in animation

    I've never really paid attention to that until watching Black Clover. The sound effects sound so cheap during fight scenes >~< Its like the bought a cheap package online and are only using those.
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    What would you do to make anime bigger?

    If its a close friend, I'll try to push it sometimes, even if its just an anime movie, or music.
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    Towa no Quon

    Never heard of this, might give it a try.