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    Nintendo Nintendo Pokemon Direct 2/27

    On first glance I was leaning towards the bunny. Then the sad type got my attention and now the grass monkey's grabbing my attention. Guess I'll have to wait for the evolutions to come out LOL. I'm guessing I'll end up going for the shield game since I'm a heavy grass type user which usually...
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    Last Game Played

    Old School RuneScape
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    PS2 Sony Japan Ending PS2's Aftercare Service

    You think this will have an effect on Europe? 'Cause I'm not ready to say goodbye to my baby.
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    Kim Possible Live-Action Movie

    As stated earlier. I'm not very fond of the used actress. It's better than what DC did with the Teen Titans that's for sure. But she simply looks too young for a college girl and doesn't have that fierce feeling about her as Kim used to have. Dare I say she looks too nice? And Ron is too...
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    How often do you eat pizza?

    Weekly most likely. It's the go to food when ordering since the others fast food chains have a low chance on being good imo (or I'm just unlucky) aaaand it's my mom's go to buy when my sister and I are home alone.
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    what are you listening to right now?

    Omg. My old weeb self remembers. Can't believe I missed this. Thank you for the reminder of this song.
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    Last Game Bought

    In attempt to cheer myself up I got myself Mario Kart 8 for the Switch :p
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    Installing Mario Kart for the Switch. Yasman.

    Installing Mario Kart for the Switch. Yasman.
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    Do you care about a websites design when you're online?

    I've always cared, and with studying IT I started caring even more tbvh.
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    Have you ever changed your (user)name? and why?

    Not on this site, but I have called myself AzuPazuPuzzeh, AzuPazu or Azu for a very long time. Just started disliking how it's always associated with anime since I'm watching less and less anime.
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    How often do you eat pizza?

    Quite often since it's the thing to order on takeaway.
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    If everything on the internet was physical or real

    Ahh the good old Smosh days. Miss those. Too bad they miss used their audience.
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    Should regular people carry weapons for self-defense/protection?

    I disagree. Allowing people to wear weapons around also gives a free pass to those who aren't sane. And those who aren't sane are those who'll most likely start those conflicts. Aka every conflict will be more fatal.
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    Judging somebody intelligence based on how their voice sounds

    It's hard to not judge. People judge, it's in our nature. Some form of protection as in knowing which people to associate with or not associate with. It's hard not to stem away from that root. I'm pretty guilty of judging people by voice as well. That being said. There's a difference between...
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    Society bullies smart and talented people more then people who are average to below average?

    I don't think it has to do with jealousy imo. I think it has more to do with them feeling disconnected to those locking themselves up. They share no bond, no feeling, nothing. That behavior is so foreign, alienated as to say that they want to push that unknown away. They don't comprehend why one...