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    Forum Game: Count to 1,000,000.

    2568 I'm not sure if those rules are being enforced anymore...
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    Hello world!

    Hello world!
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    A 28-Year-Old Man Gave Himself a Stroke

    Oh my gosh, I feel faint… I crack my neck for comfort, after reading this, I don’t know how close I could have given myself a stroke… Just those seemingly small stuff can kill you if done wrong… :fearful:
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    Other Man Arrested for Threatening Square Enix

    You don’t write things like 'kill' on questionnaires even if you don’t mean it! Really? Instead of threatening the company, boycott it if you’re not happy with it! Or at the very least, file a complaint! Don’t send death threats, you crazy kids!
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    Stay off the internet today

    I didn’t get pranked! I find April Fool’s especially cruel when people tell me a 'lie' about something I won’t like in a very convincing manner… A confession: I am somewhat gullible: people say things to me and I often believe it, and after reacting to it, they just say 'I’m joking!' I don't...
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    Pokémon GO

    Ever since I got Let’s Go! Pikachu & Let’s Go! Eevee, I have been playing Pokémon Go more often so I can transfer those version exclusives because I don’t have 2 Switches yet! I also have my favorite Pokémon in Go: Kirlia! Yay!
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    Good job! :)

    Good job! :)
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    What’s up?

    What’s up?
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    How often do you eat pizza?

    I only eat one meal a day, and pizza is almost always it! Sometimes I skip my meal and don't eat at all (aside from snacks) What was I saying? Oh yeah, I love pizza (I'm a real PARTY dude, if you catch my drift, and the reference!), and I eat it almost every day! In fact, I am having some...
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    Do you play more online games against friends or strangers?

    Mostly strangers, I really don't have many friends to play against.
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    Extreme Snow and Cold

    The temperature is -17 degrees Fahrenheit while the wind chill is -42(!) degrees Fahrenheit! That is COLD!