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  • It did, but it was also enough to convince me to stop modding, regardless of how badly my friends wanted the guns ^ _ ^
    Well, I found a tool on SevenSins that showed gun stats for Borderlands and how adding different parts to guns would effect their stats. Rather useful when making guns from scratch, ya see. And while the download worked, it also came with about a gazillion viruses. My anti-malware stuff couldn't keep up and I eventually had to reinstall Windows, but at least I got to preserve most of my data.
    Yeah, it's good stuff. I used to play it a bunch back when I tinkered with modding guns, but that tinkering also lead to my computer dying <.<
    It's not staying that's a problem, most members here stay around. It's getting people to join.
    Tried most of that, but a lack of money is quite the issue when it comes to promotion and competitions.
    The big thing I need is to get people with a fair amount of followers to help promote the site on Youtube, maybe Facebook, Twitter, etc.
    I like the change in direction, but not so much the lack of activity recently.
    Fairly average to be honest, it's been hard to get users to a new forum, especially in this topic.
    Just wondering how you were doing, partly because you weren't here for a month.
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