Gaming Latest's store where you can spend the money you made on the forum on some different items!
Welcome to the Gaming Latest store! Here you can spend your well earned Gaming Latest money/points on some different items. Points are earned by posting topics and replies across the forum as well as other select ways. To see how points are earned on this forum please visit this topic.
This store is a way for the administration to give back to those members who actively contribute to the forums discussions. We thank you for your continued membership.

Items available for purchase:

US$20 gaming gift cards:

20 dollar cards image
Cards can be purchased once your balance reaches 3,500*. To purchase start a conversation with Demon_Skeith saying you want to buy a $20 gaming card - be sure to include what card you want (XBL/PSN, ect.) If you wish to purchase a card in a different region, then please contact Demon_skeith to work something out. Amazon gift cards are also available option for the same amount!
*Note, if you want a card in a different country, it may cost you more due to exchange rates from USD to your country's currency. Contact Demon_skeith for final price on points on other countries.

You can also place your affiliate image in our sidebar for one week (default skin only) for 700 points. Make it two weeks for 1250 and three weeks for 1900 points respectively. To partake in this, be sure to start a conversation with Demon_Skeith.


  • Change your usergroup color for one week to a of your choice for 200 points.
  • Have Demon_skeith make 25 posts on your forum (if not already posting on there) for 1500 points.
  • Double the banking points of one board for one week for 600 points.

Be sure to start a conversation with Demon_Skeith for any of these items.

If you have any more suggestions for items which could be sold here, be sure to start a topic in the feedback section with your recommendations.