1. Shortie

    What have you found to be the most addicting mobile game?

    When it comes to mobile games, you either get some that are okay to play for a little while before you get bored of them and move away from them and then you get ones that can be really addicting and you have to pull yourself away from them. I myself found a game a few weeks ago that I have...
  2. PinkMilk

    Dream A Little Dream might be the new wave!

    I came across this mobile game called Dream A Little Dream and I gotta say, it's pretty addicting. From the looks of it, it was made by a lone wolf. Has anyone played it yet? my highscore is 87!
  3. P

    UpUp Game - iOS & Android

    What's up gaming fans? I recently developed a game called UpUp Game for iOS & Android and I'm really exited to see what you think of it? What is good and what is not so good in it? What you miss in this game? How are the graphics? Description: This addicting game is a fun for your day...