1. froggyboy604

    Google Stadia Offering New Bundle...

    The new $100 Stadia Bundle with Chromecast and the Stadia controller looks okay because users will be saving $19.00 compared to seperately buying the Chromecast with Google TV and Stadia controller. It would be nice if the bundle savings from buying the Stadia Chromecast bundle is $30 and more.
  2. Demon_Skeith

    Nintendo Fire Emblem Fates 3DS XL Handheld

    Better late than never, Nintendo has announced a Fire Emblem Fates 3DS XL handheld for western shores. It will come out the same day as the game which is Friday February 19th 2016, for $199.99 and will not include any copy of the three Fire Emblem Fate games. Will you be getting this?