call of duty

  1. Shortie

    If you could make changes to Call of Duty, what would they be?

    Call of Duty has been out for many years now and with every new release, we don't always seem to get anything dramatically different and it got me thinking about what people would change in Call of Duty if they could. So, if you were put in charge to make changes to Call of Duty, what would...
  2. Shortie

    Do you think we will ever see Call of Duty or Warzone on Nintendo Switch?

    So Microsoft and Xbox have claimed that they can get both Call of Duty and Warzone working natively on the Nintendo Switch but at the moment, neither game is available on the console at least not to my knowledge. We have seen games such as Fortnite, Apex Legends, Overwatch, and much more come to...
  3. Shortie

    Have you lost interest in Call of Duty?

    Call of Duty has been around now since 2003 with the first Call of Duty being named just Call of Duty. Since the first release of the first game in the franchise, we have seen many more games come out with a lot of changes found in each game going from the likes of World War 2 even into the...
  4. Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War reveal trailer! |

    Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War reveal trailer! |

    Official reveal trailer for Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War. Pre-order now for early access to the open beta! Follow/like us around the web Site - https://ww...
  5. SmokeyDevil Mixer stream 10-29-19 |

    SmokeyDevil Mixer stream 10-29-19 |

    Smokey's stream from 10/27/19! Follow him on Mixer - Want your stream recap featured on our channel? DM us on Twitter @Revi...
  6. Golddisk

    Multi Activision to Layoff Employees

    Activision announced today it would be laying off employees due to its causal market not meeting expectations. The layoffs will not effect its core markets like the Call of Duty franchise. However, Guitar Hero, Skylanders, and the rest of the company's licensed games are expected to take a hit...