1. froggyboy604

    China: Tiny Electric Vehicle outselling Tesla's Model 3 exhibited at Shanghai show

    Hong Guang mini car look good for someone who mainly need a car to get to work and school, and to carry a few bags of food, books, and other small items in the back of the car, and the passenger seats. Many people also prefer to buy a new car with a longer warranty instead of a used car with a...
  2. HanaSong

    Tour around Xi'an, China with Brendan Valdes

    Who here has been to China? Was it a great experience? I heard Chinese food tastes a lot better in the mainland. I love Chinese food, but I've never been to China to taste authentic Chinese cuisine. Anyway, if you haven't been there like me, here's esports tournament caster Brendan Valdes to...
  3. froggyboy604

    KFC Releases Smartphone in China

    Hardcore KFC fans in China (there are bound to be more than a few) can now own a KFC Phone in a partnership between the chicken chain and Huawei. KFC is releasing the customized Huawei 7 Plus phone to mark its 30 year anniversary in China. This phone looks okay, and a good alternative to the...
  4. froggyboy604

    Microsoft extends China link with government version of Windows 10

    MICROSOFT'S JAMMY SOD DEPARTMENT has managed to pull off something of a coup with the announcement that it is to form a joint venture to bring Windows 10 to the Chinese public sector. For Microsoft, it brings the chance of an income stream from the Chinese market where the vast majority of...