50 cc mini micro car s = no car licence required In the Netherlands

Discussion in 'Gadget & Internet Hub' started by froggyboy604, Feb 13, 2018.

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    In the Netherlands , if you have no car licence and you are over 16 , you can drive a sort of car , called ,,brommobiel'' or mopedcar , no road tax and cheap insurance make it ideal for youngsters.

    Some of these low powered mini cars do look cool, and useful in slow traffic. But, some of these mini cars don't look very durable or safe, and expensive to buy.

    I think these cars will most likely still need a license in many other countries which are not in Europe like the Netherlands.

    An electric wheelchair, bike and scooter is probably a better choice for some people without a license since some buses, taxi vans and most trains in North America let you ride your electric wheelchair and scooter on board. A bus, taxi vans and train is also faster than these slow mini cars. Electric wheelchair bikes and scooter is also safer because you can ride them on the sidewalk, or biking roads depending on the sidewalk and biking lane road law in a town.
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    That's kind of neat, but I don't think its right for unlicensed people to be driving.
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    I don't know what's worse:
    The fact I barely see any of these things anywhere, or that at occasions I see those, they tend to drive much faster than they are supposed to (because modifications, but once the police notices that, you're fucked for life)? (;^ω^)
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    I think in some countries, you may need a motorcycle or scooter license to drive these cars. There is probably still a simple medical test to make sure the buyer is capable of driving a car or riding a bike.

    I think the high price of gas in Europe, and the cost of the car may make most people not want to own these cars as their main form of transportation.

    I feel the modifications to make these cars go faster is worse because getting arrested by the police, or paying expensive tickets for speeding can be a hassle if you don't have much money. Some of these cars may not be designed to be safely driven at very fast speeds.

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