After 14 years gaming what have you learnt/done?


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As the title says. Nobody wants a life story. Few bullet points. I’m totally wasted and do not give a shinny xxx

Whats your story? PC is the bestest.
Started playing Bf2 and made a friend from Norway, learnt some Norwegian (Norsk what evs). Epic TV guided AH1z/Z10 gunner…. Best time of my life
Joined a guild to play AoC, thought it would be cool one day have my own forums and be an “head admin”
Started a clan, went massive.
Went to Iseries – Best weekend of my life (aside from family). Blown away by the community.
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Isreies following year - Came 3rd place in Bf3
Iseries next year – The clan I Started came 2nd place in BF3 with Jackfrags as one of our team members. We had pics and mentions on video’s.
One of our members sung “Dumb ways to die” Go youtube it… if you’re a PC gamer you’ll know it.
I cared too much about server numbers and clan numbers not about quality. Lost friends which I considered close friends because of “head admin” decisions which they didn’t like.
Learnt a clan should be made up of likeminded people, moved forward with like minded people and which was dictated by them.
Played loads of games but realised any game is good so long as clan mates play.
Embraced being absolutely ripped to **** everytime I hyped a game which later turned out to be dog ****. I.e Warz, Dayz Standalone, any standalone
Best Friend/Clan mate died, realised that internet mates mean as much if not more than RL friends. Clan members came from all over the world to funeral
Tried to managed internal personality conflicts for years but realised we’re not in school and tried to bring reason to any and all argument. hot ringtones download
And lastly realised gaming friends / clan mates are the closest type of friends you can possible wish for in life. Because they get you, you have the same sick tastes and they will tear you a new bum but will ALWAYS be there for you!

So to OCUK and all the clans, friendship groups, LFG, Discord, TS….. Cheers! While 99% of us are toxic we’d all have each others back!

Right….. Whiskey is running out…. Jack Daniels is the best whiskey in the world nothing compares and its even better if you pick it up in a Vauxhall Astra (best car), of which I have both and love buying early access games…… 3 of the worst thing you can say here!
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Nothing interesting enough compared to you :D
The biggest thing was my introduction to forums through gaming. That helped lead me to start my own and here we are, multiple websites later. Gaming also helped me create a social gaming platform which I developed myself. Other than that, it's also helped me become better I guess. Playing games all these years has definitely helped me improve my hand-eye coordination etc.