Apple CEO Tim Cook's Old High School switching to Google Chromebooks not using MacBooks


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Tim Cook is a graduate of Robertsdale High School in Robertsdale, Alabama. Until last month, it and other schools in the area provided MacBooks for teachers and students in grades three through 12; younger kids were given iPads. Recently, however, the district decided to stop giving its students the merchandise of its most famous alumna. It plans to replace them with Lenovo Chromebooks.

The Washington Post, which first reported the news, apparently got the scoop from school board documents in which the school’s chief technology officer proclaimed that “Baldwin County will not be using bleeding edge technology with this implementation. It will be using proven technologies.” Sick burn!

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I think Chromebooks costing $100-200 are one of the main reasons for Tim Cook's high school are using Lenovo Google Chromebooks instead of Apple Macbooks. Lenovo also probably gave the school a nice educational discount for each Chromebook since Lenovo is the biggest PC maker in the world, so it can afford to earn less money per Chromebook when Lenovo sells thousands of Chromebooks to a big high school.

Plus, I bet, the repair, and replacement costs for fixing and replacing broken and stolen Macbooks, and iPads is very expensive.

A lot of classes like English, History, Science, etc mostly require a simple computer for taking notes, and typing out homework on a word processor program.
I can't say I blame them. It is a waste to spend the greater amount of money required to give everyone in the school a Macbook with them being so much more expensive, especially when many school budgets are already pretty tight. That said, hopefully the school still keeps some Macs around as I think it is good idea to let students experience Macs and learn a little about their interface and such.
MacBook to Chromebook replacements sounds really good, especially since most school work in that age-range is mostly online, outside of specialized electives like Film or something like that.
Ouch, that says a lot about your old schools. Guess Apple wasn't giving them anything free or discounted.
Ouch, that says a lot about your old schools. Guess Apple wasn't giving them anything free or discounted.

I think discounted Apple Macbooks for schools will still cost around $900-1000 or more because the cheapest Macbook regular cost $1500.

Macbooks deosn't seem like a good deal for an expensive school laptop because of its slower specs 1.1GHz dual-core Intel Core M processor, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD, 480P Webcam, Intel Onboard HD Graphics, and 12 inch screen for $1500.

The Macbook is also fanless, so there is a chance that it may overheat, or the CPU, RAM, and other parts will slowdown to prevent overheating when playing intensive games, or video editing.

The Macbook also only has one Headphone and mic combo port, USB-C port which is also the charging port, so you can't use a USB-C device while the Macbook is charging. All your old USB devices with the rectangle plug will not work on the Macbook without an adapter to convert it to USB-C. It also does not have HDMI, VGA, or DVI video outputs for connecting the laptop to a monitor, or HDTV.

A cheaper Windows or Chromebook laptop would be a better deal, and you get more features.

A Chromebook usually have 1 charging port, 2 or more USB ports, SD Card Memory Reader slot, headphone/mic combo port, HDMI-output port, 720P webcam, and a bigger LCD screen like 15 inchs for Chromebooks which cost more than $300 or less. A lot of Chromebooks also have cooling fans to keep them cool when doing more intensive tasks like watching HD video, or running a Linux based operating system like Ubuntu to use for gaming, video editing, and photo editing.

The more expensive $500 Chromebooks come with Intel Core i3, i5, and i7 2-3 GHz CPU which are better for gaming, video editing, and HD video watching.
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Apple has always been about price. Unless you have a graphics lab, it be pointless to buy all Apple.

I agree it would be pointless to buy all Apple unless you do a lot of graphics, audio and video editing where you need to use Exclusive software which is not available on Windows, and Linux.

Some Apple laptops and desktops are also very hard to repair because they are so thin, and Apple PC uses SSD which only work, and RAM which are specially designed for Apple PC. There are some laptops with the RAM, and SSD being stuck on the motherboard, so they are non-upgradeable for the average user.

Most cheaper Windows, Linux, and Chromebook laptops sometimes let you upgrade the SSD, hard drive, and RAM if it is not soldiered/stuck on the motherboard.