Are online Video chat-only devices like Amazon Echo Show Worth It?


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I feel video chat-only devices like Amazon Echo Show are not worth it to most people because buyers can get a cheap $200 laptop or tablet like a Google Chromebook, Windows 10 desktop PC or laptop, and Android or Windows tablet which can be used for video chat, and other tasks like word processing e-mail, gaming, web browsing, and other tasks.

Plus, a desktop PC, and laptop is easier to upgrade, and repair, so you can continue using it for over 10 years if you continue to upgrade and repair it when parts break.

But, devices like video chat devices like the Amazon Echo Show, and most tablets are usually hard to repair, and are non-upgradeable like a regular PC and laptop.
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It's good for people who aren't big on spending a lot.
It's good for people who aren't big on spending a lot.

This can be true since sometimes user may end up spending a lot on external speakers, and microphone for laptop and tablets because the built-in speakers and microphones are sometimes don't sound good.

But, the Amazon Echo Show cost cost $229 on Amazon, so it is similar in price to Windows 10 netbooks, and slower Android tablets.

I guest, Amazon Echo Show is less likely to get outdated compared to Windows 10, and Android devices where a new software update for the OS can slow down the whole system on slower devices with 1GB of RAM because of a new feature which got added to Windows or Android.