Review ASWR: A New Hope, Or, Star Wars Of Old


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This is probably my sixth or seventh viewing of Star Wars. And yet, I am still engrossed by the opening scene. It somehow manages to be one of the greatest introductions to a franchise I've ever seen. The Star destroyer filling up the entire screen is still somehow the most effective way to reveal the empire. Even after all these years, I still remain surprised by that shot. It describes the empire perfectly, a giant ship that shoots down at the smaller defenseless ship. What a way to open up a movie.

Star Wars turns 50 in around three or so years. And yet, it still has that magic. I still enjoy this movie, even with all the cgi bullshit crammed into it.

I never saw the original cut of Star Wars. My parents weren't even born yet when it came out, and as such, I have been familiar with the cgi since my childhood. But god damn it's still unnatural as hell.

Honestly, I can't say much about this film. Not because it's boring, but rather, because it's not a hard film to figure out. It's an incredible film, but that fact has been known for almost fifty years.

The music is still astonishing, the atmosphere is still wondrous. The characters are still so simple yet so memorable. The writing, while not being overly deep or emotional, somehow carries this movie.

I guess, A New Hope, is just a simple movie. It's a simple movie about a rebellion fighting against an empire. It's a movie about a farmer named Luke, a smuggler named Han, and a princess named Leia.

The thing I do notice is that the film kind of felt different from the rest of Star Wars. I guess it's the simplicity. Anyone can watch this, anyone can just start Star Wars with this, and that's just not really the case for most of Star Wars.

I guess that's what makes this film special. It's a story about a rebellion fighting an empire nothing less, nothing more.

It's a bit weird in a way. I don't have to recall anything to watch this movie. It's just a simple adventure, and that's different from the Star Wars I'm used to. It's sad in a way, I don't usually look back and realize how overstuffed Star Wars is, but now I realize just how different modern day Star Wars is from this.

I didn't have to recall any characters, I didn't have to look up a recap for a former show. I didn't have to remember characters, I was able to just enjoy a film.

I guess all I have to say is, I guess I didn't realize how simple this film truly was.

It's a perplexing realization.

That's the thing with the original trilogy, they don't require any homework. This is where most people begin with Star Wars. And A New Hope is that introduction to this universe.

It's a great introduction, I won't lie to you. This is a film that managed to tell you everything you'd need to know without feeling like exposition. You just get to go on a adventure with a few enjoyable characters.

That's really all I have to say about this film. I'm honestly much more interested in talking about the less...well made movies in this franchise.

But first, I gotta watch one of the greatest sequels of all time.
For sure this movie kind of got better once you knew more of the world lore.
The world-building grows on you after seeing a lot of alien creatures like in Mos Eisley, and later the Rebellion for a while. All the costume designs are great.