Baldur's Gate III

The underwater Iron Throne rescue mission was intense, you got only 5 turns on hardest difficulty, managed to save everyone though yay!
The elfsong Tavern Basement is infested with Rats lol, took a pic:
You can steal you party member's underwear and they will react lmao ecchi saw a video of it:
Kazuma would be proud ! lol
Got Shadowheart "Hotspring and Sandcastle" under The moon Goddess Selune's Light PLOT Scene lol No dice roll needed because Affection Point is already super high lol. Recorded the scene. Looks like I am on track on getting the best good ending:

Minsc and his "space" hamster Boo from previous Bg game are written really well in this one, nice! lol really funny.

Jaheira from previous BG games is written great too here. her sarcasm lol