Can Threads overtake Twitter?

This is the largest problem all these "Twitter clones" are having. The news media hates Twitter and says all sorts of things to point out its death, but every company is still using Twitter as their news outlet and monthly users never dropped off last I checked.

I do think threads has a lot of potential, but it has a lot of oddities. For one it has no API yet, so most businesses are going to limit their use of it and that means users can't use it like they use Twitter to discover new things. The Instagram login was a strange idea to me and all I think of is that it was a move to push Instagram users to sign up without knowing why they were really signing up. Facebook is by far the most used Meta platform and they already have Meta level accounts across the platforms. It is almost like they wanted to give Instagram a text feed, but wanted a full Twitter clone, and ended up with the worst of both sides.
These twitter clones are all honestly half-assed attempts to capitalize on a failed "demise" of a website.

And Threads is no different. Threads was definitely something that Meta released haphazardly because of Twitter's "downfall" arc. It was released without any functionality for companies to take advantage of, no real integration for apps like Discord, slack, etc. to cross-post easily, mobile only and was missing basic shit like hashtags and ticker symbols.

The fundamental principle that people don't understand X/Twitter have over all these alternatives is that everybody of significant value or interest is there. Business tycoons, Developers, celebrities, artists, politicians and billion dollar companies are constantly posting on Mr.Musk's personal Myspace. News outlets often site, directly from twitter, videos, statements and even leaked DMs if available for their sources and citation. These people wanna be in the spotlight as much as they can with as many eyes seeing them as possible.

YOU might have a distaste for how the newly appointed CEO and how he handles their newly bought product and switch forums, but these people don't really care. They already established themselves on there and are bringing their discussions to the table daily. These people are not gonna to another site with no instant mobile/desktop interface, a smaller audience, and sometimes not even half the features the original Twitter provided. And that is why, unless Elon or one of his underlings made a GINORMOUS, HUGE ABSOLUTELY MASSIVE fuck-up, people who are important are still going to be on that site as their main way of getting info out fast.
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It didn't look like people were for this at all since it fizzled quite fast. New ideas take time but people DO get used to the same ol' & don't care for change.
Would any of you tried it eventually if it had stayed around?

Its still around, its just flooded with porn accounts.