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Just read on the lawsuit from siliconera:

Patent infringement lawsuits have been going on between Capcom and Koei Tecmo for many years now, but Capcom announced that they’ve won the latest one involving two patents in particular.

As a result of the patent infringement lawsuit, Koei Tecmo must pay a compensation of 143,843,710 yen (130,773,710 yen in damages and 13.07 million yen in attorneys’ fees, etc.) to Capcom.

Koei Tecmo infringed upon two of Capcom’s patents:

Patent A (Patent #3350773)
The Patent relates to methods for unlocking bonus content when the DVD-ROM of the latest title of a game series is set in a game console, by placing the DVD-ROM of the previous title of the game series into the console.
Patent B (Patent #3295771)
The Patent relates to informing the player of a game of “information that cannot be perceived visually (such as the presence of an enemy character behind the player)” by vibrating the controller when it is judged that the situation in the game meets certain conditions.