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Discussion in 'PC & Mobile Forum' started by Salt, Aug 10, 2018.

  1. Salt

    Salt New Member

    does anyone else play this? I’m sort of new and looking for any tips. I’m old enough to know the basics about not rushing around like a chicken with my head cut off and I know about recoil and everything.
  2. Kita

    Kita Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    You should know what weapons are you good with - AWP, AK, M4, P90, etc. Play the weapons you are good with and never rush first. Use grenades properly and stick with your teammates. Practice is the most important thing.
  3. Itskyle23

    Itskyle23 New Member

    1.You should know how to properly buy weapons. ex; Buying awp with no armor nor nades aint good bro.
    2,Stick with your team mates! Cover the site with smoke and go with 1 way rush
  4. Jerrar

    Jerrar Well-Known Member Full GL Member

    There's no one way to improve your game in CS:GO, some people have weaker aiming, some have issues in proper movement. And the most important thing to understand is the ranking system. There are two types of ranks; 1) Profile Rank and 2) Competitive Rank.

    You can read about the ranking system in more detail online, here's a link. It used to be true that you get more hackers and cheaters at higher ranks in competitive but in the last say 3-4 months Valve's Anti Cheat or VAC system has been doing very well to identify and ban these hackers. So most of the hacking is now at lower ranks because cheaters are being reported and banned in large numbers.

    As far as increasing ranks is concerned, after having external issues solved, you need to improve your own game. As I said Aiming is big area where every player can improve. The better you aim, the more kills you get, the more wins you get, the more XP you get and more you level up/rank up.

    So to improve your aim you need learn from the pros here are a few videos to learn from.

    After that its practice, practice and more practice. Now another main area where players make mistakes is movement. As CS:GO is a skill based game, every move you make, makes a difference. And proper movement and not making movement mistakes can make all the difference in you killing or getting killed.

    Here's a couple of movement guide videos;

    Lastly, CS:GO is a team based game. And playing as a team matters, most of the times the team who has better teamwork wins, regardless of skill. Even if both teams are equal in skill, team work is the deciding factor in victory or defeat.

    And the most important part to learn for team work is the communication and calls. You need to learn the Call Outs so you can follow and give out proper calls to your team in order to work together and stack up the wins. Here's a comprehensive guide for all the Callouts of the current active duty map pool for 2018.
  5. NameGervin

    NameGervin Well-Known Member Full GL Member

    Just play the game and enjoy it, experience is the best teacher. :D

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