Dangerous ransomware threatens to expose your private files online if you don’t pay up

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    According to ComputerWorld, there’s a new ransomware program called Chimera, documented by the Anti-Botnet Advisory Centre, whose creators will threaten victims in such a manner.

    The attackers apparently target businesses, tricking certain employees with fake job applications or business offers. The emails contain links to malicious files hosted on Dropbox that will infect the user’s computer. Once that happens, Chimera encrypts local data and on reboot, it’ll ask the user to pay around €630 or $685 in Bitcoin to obtain the decryption key.

    In the ransom note, Chimera hackers say that if they’re not paid they’ll publish the user’s files on the Internet. So far, there’s no evidence that any personal data was actually released online, however – but perhaps those affected have simply paid the ransom. Also, it’s not clear whether the malware steals any data from the infected computer before or after encrypting it.

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    Sounds scary to have ransomeware which also uploads your files to the internet if you pay the ransom. Plus, I bet, some of these ransomware makers will sell your files, and upload them to public sites if they find something good, or worth selling.

    I wonder would these Ransomeware makers soon hire criminals like local street gangs to collect money to decrypt files, and harrass their victims to pay up in real life since most likely the ransomware makers will have access to the victim's home address, phone numbers, I.P. address and other personal information after hacking their victims, so the ransomware makers can team up with criminals to collect money.
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    I would hate that and despite what has been taken hostage, I would never pay up for anything.
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    I would never pay the ransom as well. I think this ransomware mostly targets business like banks and stores like Target where they don't want costumers private data being released online.
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    That seems pretty serious.
    I can't believe that everything can be uploaded just like that ._.

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