Do you post regularly in other message boards, and have any standards for posts?


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Or do you post primarily here? Do you have any core elements for your posts?

I may occasionally post in a few other places (extremely rarely), but this and Wario Forums is really what I can truly call "home"! :) I am also still yet to make 1000 posts, but I just never find a good time to post...

These are my posting conditions:
I always try to avoid posting in ANY topics that are not on the first page of a forum. Necroposting is almost always frowned upon, so I try to avoid it.
I always have to have a lot to say in any post; no posts that are less than maybe 40 words long , so when I would have something to say, I feel it would be too short, and just give up on posting at all...
I always avoid posting multiple times in a row unless it is relevant, but even still, I avoid it like the plaque.

These conditions are probably why I rarely post anywhere... So how about you?


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Tbh, I've been slow on posting on most forums these days. I've mostly just been using Twitter but postings there have been sort of rare too. I think it's because I've been addicted to one specific game I've gotten and already have about 50 hours invested in it.


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I mostly just post here, on Wario Forums and the Admin Zone nowadays.

Other than that? Usually non forum sites, like Reddit, Hacker News or Discord.


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I don't really have any standards per se but I try to avoid making one worded responses. I frequent quite a few forums, this one obviously being one of them :D