Other Dragon Ball FighterZ Has Been Pulled From Multiple Fighting Game Events


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The future of Dragon Ball FighterZ competition is in flux. Over the last few months, several prominent fighting game events have had to pull the game from their official lineups, and no one is quite sure who’s to blame.

Dragon Ball FighterZ has become one of the most popular games in the fighting game community since it came out last January. Players of various gaming backgrounds have found themselves drawn to the game, culminating in over 2,500 competitors traveling to Las Vegas to compete at Evo 2018 last summer and making it the largest Evo game that year.

There are also a ton of different corporate fingers in the Dragon Ball FighterZ pie due to its use of the mega-popular Dragon Ball Z license. Any one of these stakeholders could exert their rights as property owners and publishers to bar the game from competition. And one of them appears to be doing just that, although confirmation on exactly which one is still hard to come by.