Facebook adds personal fundraisers and donate buttons


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Facebook has expanded the charity aspects of its platform, making it possible for users to launch personal fundraisers. These fundraisers are available across six different categories, including Education, Crisis Relief, Medical, Personal Emergency, and more. Those who use the platform to raise funds will pay about seven percent in a fee that goes toward Facebook’s various costs including vetting and fraud protection.

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I see Facebook donate feature being useful for raising money from older and less tech savvy people who usually don't have an account at a site like GoFundMe, but are more likely to have a Facebook account.

I think some people rather use Facebook to donate money than lesser known fundraiser sites which may have bad security, and your username and password could get hacked because of outdated website software like php, MySQL, and an older outdated version of a CMS like WordPress or Joomla which is less safe to use.
seems like something that can be abused.
seems like something that can be abused.

Donations and volunteering where you work for free always make it possible for users to be a victim of a scam which scam them of money, or doing free work like creating a website or app for free for a charity.

Facebook can always sue scammers in court. Facebook has a lot of money to hire lawyers, and private investigators to gather evidence to win a scamming court case. Plus, law enforcement, jury, and judge are more likely to declare Facebook the winner of the court case because many people trust big companies.

I think with all online donations, and crowdfunding sites like GoFundMe, Paypal donate button, Patreon, Indiegogo, and Kickstarter, there is a chance of being scammed. There is also a chance of getting scammed when donating in person since some volunteers at a charity may secretly steal your donation.

Facebook donations is something that can be abused, but Facebook can check to see if the fundraiser is real by calling the police to investigate, hiring a private detective to investigate Facebook members' claims of a fake fundraiser where a scammer spends the money raise on themselves, or deposit the money in their personal savings account to spend on themselves.

Using Facebook to raise money for a cause like "books for the library" maybe better than asking volunteers to collect donations at the street where the volunteers can secretly use a fishing hook, or vacuum cleaner to steal the donated cash from a locked donation box.
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