Final Fantasy 14 Arrives On Xbox Later This Month With Free Open Beta


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Yes, the time is almost upon us! Final Fantasy 14 officially arrives on Xbox Series X and S later this month with a free open beta for all players, and the best part is that all progress will carry over to the full game when it arrives shortly afterwards. Final Fantasy 14's Xbox journey begins when the open beta launches on February 21st.

For those who don't know, Final Fantasy 14 is an online MMORPG that's proved extremely popular on PC and PlayStation over the past decade, racking up a worldwide community of "over 30 million adventurers strong".

"Take part in an epic and ever-changing FINAL FANTASY. Experience all the hallmarks of the best-selling franchise - an unforgettable story, exhilarating battles, and a myriad of diverse and captivating environments to explore. Party up with friends or play solo! Experience all the main story dungeons on your own by calling upon NPC allies to fight by your side."

The Xbox open beta for Final Fantasy 14 contains all the content that's featured in the Free Trial version of the game on PC and PlayStation, including the entireity of the "A Realm Reborn" story as well as a large portion of the Heavensward and Stormblood expansions. There are no restrictions on playtime either, so there's a lot to enjoy here!

Square Enix says that the full game will arrive "immediately following the conclusion of the open beta test", so we shouldn't have long to wait for the full Xbox Series X|S release. The team also says that players won't have to re-download the game once it moves to the full version - it'll simply transition to the full release when Square has performed "thorough reviews" of beta feedback.

Finally, it's been clarified that Xbox players will need to allow full access to cross-play, cross-communication and community content to play the FF14 beta, so it's worth heading to your privacy settings within your Xbox account to make sure that's all open and ready to go for February 21st!
Sucks you need Gamepass to play it.
I logged many hours into final fantasy XI, even got to the final boss, but couldn't beat him aha.

I'll have to check this one out, always been a big final fantasy fan. I thought they were exclusive to Sony though.