Final Fantasy VII Now Available On Android


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Last year the good folks at Square Enix decided to release Final Fantasy VII on iOS devices. Unfortunately for Android gamers at that time, the game was not available for Android, at least back then, but the good news is that it looks like the Android version of the game is finally ready and available.

Gamers looking to relive some nostalgia can head on over to the Google Play Store where they will be able to get their hands on the game. It should be noted that it is expensive at a price of $15.99 which is considerably higher than regular mobile games, but then again Square Enix has never made their mobile games cheap to begin with.

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It is nice that FF7 is being released for Android, so people can play it on their smartphone, tablet, or Android console like the Nvidia Shield TV.
I wish they had released the speed bike FF 7 mini game.
I wish they had released the speed bike FF 7 mini game.

I think fewer people will buy FF7 if SquareEnix released the FF7 speed bike mini games. There maybe some people who may just buy the cheaper or download the FF7 Mini Bike game instead of the more expensive Full version of FF7 which has the mini game and other sidequest inside the game.