Multi Fortnite 5.40 Content Update: Say Hello To Silenced AR


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According to the official post, Fortnite’s v5.40 Content Update comes with some much-needed changes to the game’s newly added Gateway LTM, balancing it where needed. However, the bit that has the community the most excited is the addition of the what is being called a “Suppressed Assault Rifle”. It is a special variant of the Scar which comes with a special suppressor that rewards trigger discipline with precision. Furthermore, the Drum Gun has been moved to the vault, which means it is not going to be available in the game from today onwards.

To learn more about the update and its features, check out the patch notes.


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So you won't know who is shooting from where?
It should be similar to the silenced pistol where you can tell exactly where it's from. But unless you're good at building and build straight away, it doesn't matter if you know where it's from, you'll be dead by the time you figure it out.