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On May 11th around 11PMish CST, I'll be taking the forum offline for an update and getting the award/trophy system updated, as the add-on is no longer supported and grows more broken with each software upgrade. Not sure what that means for current awards gotten, but some resets might be coming :(

Also, I will not be around May 17th and 18th, as I'll be in another state with some friends going to a renaissance fair and among other things. No forums back in ye old times, lol.
Nice. Medieval PLOT time lol
Thanks for the kindly update. We know when to expect it back on.

Btw, have a great time with your friends.
Thanks for the heads up, I hope the update goes smooth for you. Do you know how long the forum is going to be down? And "YA" for huge Turkey legs. At least that's what they have at the Michigan renaissance festival.
So what medieval costume will you be wearing D_S?

yer DnD character is a Rogue so something like this lol:

Thief 4's Cool Mc Garrett:

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Thanks for the updates. I hope you enjoy your trip to the renaissance fair with friends.
So we can all panic during the weekend that you're gone? lol.
Upgrade is done! Thankfully, no surprises appeared! However, I need more time for the award/trophy revamp. Looking into a few other addons that may have long not worked ^^;

Please let me know of any issues. Bigger upgrades will happen later this year.
Good job Demon_Skeith Demon_Skeith

I'm happy to hear the upgrade went successfully. I've witnessed in forums where an upgrade didn't go as planned but it's not the case here. Thank you :grin: