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Show your spirit for the forum this Halloween by carving or digitally crafting a pumpkin in honor of this site! All you have to do is get a decent pumpkin, carve something video game on that pumpkin along with this site's name onto it as well, either full name (Gaming Latest) or GL. Once you carved your winning pumpkin, take a picture or two and post it below.

Winners will get the following:

1st: 40 dollars via gaming card or paypal
2nd: 20 dollars via gaming card or paypal
3rd: 10 dollars via gaming card or paypal
Runner ups: 1000 GL points.

Winners will be judged by staff by how much Halloween the pic is, so adding more to the area around the pumpkin may help as well! Actual carved pumpkins will be judged higher than something digitally made.

As always, limitations apply to any foreign exchange or if I'm able to get a card in your local currency. Be sure to at least have paypal!

Contest ends November 4th 11:59PM CST.

Have any questions, post below or PM staff.
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I wish participants good luck at winning the prices in Fright Pumpkin Contest. This sounds like a fun contest.