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Here on GL, we have a very special board dedicated to in depth video game discussion. This board is called Game Discussion and is located below the news board. Using it is pretty simple and here is the walk through:

Go into the board and make a new topic like you normally would, then you are presented with a screen asking you to insert a link or ID number from The Game Database website. So to get the link or ID, just click on the link named The Game Database that is located under the title bar:

and a new tab will open up on a screen asking you to search for a game. Search for the game you want and click on it from the search menu.

So the game I'm searching for is, The Last Story. Once the page loads up I just copy the numbers located in the url bar:

and paste them into the title bar like so:

And just type your message and then click create thread to get your topic:


Please note everything is supplied by and we of Gaming Latest have no control what content is available for each game such as many will have trailers available while others don't.

You are still free to post video games in the general gaming boards, this Game Discussion board is just for more info on a game and to promote more in depth discussions.

If you have any issues please contact staff.
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