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This is the GFGB! (Gamingforce Guide Book) This is the place for how the forum works and info on how to use things on the GF forum. Please read this before making a question topic in this forum section.

I do not claim ownership of this code used for the guide book. I got it from a unknown site that I can't find anymore.

Gamingforce Guide Book Index
This index has links to everything posted on the guide book.

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First off welcome to Gamingforce. The forum full of friendly people and the place to get latest video game news and chat about video games with other video gamers. As you browse GF, you will enjoy your time more and more the longer you stick around.

For a complete history on Gamingforce please see this topic.


These are the people who run and manage GF, without them this forum wouldn't be possible. See the staff here:

The staff of Gamingforce.
Edit Profile info and go to "Video:" then just go to youtube or some other video site and get the last numbers and letters after the v= in the url bar at the top of your screen (see example on the bottom) to add more then one video just put a "," (without the ") between the videos to have many on your profile. you would put whats in bold in the video line in your profile.


Go to iTunes, limewire or any other place to get a mp3 link then upload it here once you got that go to My Controls>Edit Profile info and go down to songs and add the link from rip way there. to add more songs just put a "," (without the ") between the songs to have many on your profile.

Other Things

Other Features in your profile is the abitly to post comments for that person, shows who looked at your profile, list your friends, see all there recent posts. If you don't like how some of it looks you can change it in the settings tab located in your profile page. Everything else you should know.

Archived Threads

On some forums, they have it so the topics go missing after a certain amount of days. Here on GF all the topics are visible and all you need to do is click back in the pages to view them. On some forum sections there could be a lot of page with topics so you may need to use the search feature at the top of the forum.

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