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It's a new month! Summer game news everyone! And new updates on the GL forums.

Welcome everyone to the sixth forum update of the year! Another short update so let us get it rolling with...

---- Of the Month ----

Member of the month goes to Artisan Vistra Artisan Vistra for many great news coverings from the PlayStation event!

Topic of the month is: ASWR: Return Of The Jedi, Flawed And Yet Perfect

---- End of Guilded ----

Whelp, Guilded sold its soul to the Roblox game, so we will be moving back to discord! You may join here: Join the GamingLatest Discord Server!

I'll make a separate topic with more info shortly.

---- Bluesky Account ----

To maybe keep ahead of the social network, we have made a Bluesky account! Please see this topic here for more info: Offical GamingLatest Bluesky Account

---- Site Upgrade ----

We upgraded the forum the past month and most of the addons for the upcoming big Xenforo upgrade. But right now we need to upgrade PHP which is never fun, not sure what will break but we may lose a few addons soon. I'll post another update when this gets closer.

---- May Awards ----

Top five posters of the month have gotten their awards! Congrats!

That's it for this update. Hope everyone gets some great gaming news reveals!

---- Stats ----

We currently have 532,781 posts and 4,208 members. In this last month we made over 2.006 posts! And 3 new active members!
So true story, I got to be a mod on Discord today the same day I joined the GL Server. That's service! Expect me to be active there or at least present because I mod another Discord server as well. To be fair, all the PlayStation State of Play content was on an automated news server on Discord as well. Copy/paste with some titles to type. Nice to see you liked it! (I added tags to the thread as well.)

I really enjoyed reading the Star Wars reviews too. Great work MisterBobbyPin MisterBobbyPin! :ohyeah: