Has Xbox dropped in popularity?


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I used to see advertising for Xbox all over and now I don't believe I've seen anything in a couple years. Has it dropped in popularity? Or am I just not looking in the right places for their ads? How many of your friends still play games on that platform?
I think it's popular, with its core fans, but can't seem to get a more general audience.
I haven't seen many ads for Xbox Series X or S. I think it is popular with American Xbox fans, but there are not many new Xbox fans.
I know two people who own an Xbox so clearly if you want a Murica-owned console I might take a stab at that one.
I have a Series S which I bought to play with my boy - I think it’s been switched on twice. I always intend to play and I always find something else to do instead. I guess I’m just used to PC gaming these days.
If anything with the recent Bethesda leaks, there's probably going to be some loyalists/fans of certain IPs that will buy a brand new console to play the latest stuff so they don't have to deal with a getting a brand-new PC just to play new games.
I feel some people with faster internet connections may play games on Xbox Cloud game streaming service and Nvidia Geforce Now game streaming service.

People who play streaming PC games may less likely buy a Xbox if they are satisfied with streaming games.
They still seem super popular and seem to just barely trail PlayStation in sales each month, but I feel like they don't have much to advertise. Starfield appears to be their first major first-party success in what feels like a decade that is worth advertising.