PS5 Horizon Forbidden West


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You will reach the forbidden horizon? Anyone get this and for what system?
I like the look of the jungle levels, and look of the characters in this game.
I saw the game recently being released by it's devs/publishers 'Sony interactive entertainment company. I love the game, I am yet to buy, let me see how it goes by weekend, being 26-02-2022, I'll get it by then.
I currently have Horizon Forbidden West on PS4 and I'm enjoying it very well. I still have plans to get PS5 before the year runs out if I'm able to see it available again and once I do, I'm still getting the game on it.
I feel like this is just gonna be a forgotten game, for how strange it is but also with highly detailed graphics you can't really make fanart well for, in a few years. Then people will return to Zelda again.
This game just looks absolutely incredible. I just replayed Zero Dawn in anticipation for Forbidden West I am so excited
TGA 2022 Burning Shores DLC trailer:
Finished this game and it's even more amazing DLC stuff. Overall a pretty fun adventure yet again, cannot wait to see what they do in the next game.

Though I was disappointed in how little the Zenith were used in the main game.
I really need to play these games. They look so good, but I haven't even tried a single one.
I need to play this game, since it came with my ps5. . . haha. I've only played 'zero dawn'