Gaming Reinvented - How Nintendo Can Save Mario Party

Gaming Reinvented How Nintendo Can Save Mario Party

Discussion in 'Gaming News Discussion' started by GR News, Sep 15, 2017.

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    A few days ago, a very interesting Mario Party game was announced during a Nintendo Direct. This title (called Mario Party the Top 100) is a collection of the best mini games from the series, along with a board map mode seemingly styled after the original games. It’s a great idea, and despite a poor […]

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    The best way would be to NEVER DO MARIO PARTY 10 AGAIN! I'll be the first to say I like, no, I love Mario Party 9. When I have friends to play with, Mario Party 9 is one of the best in the series. If anything, I'd say it's better than Mario Party 5 and 8 because 5 was subpar, and the car thing wasn't expanded enough to be fun, and 8 was just an absolute train wreck, imo. Especially the Koopa board... same thing with 7 (because I'm not a fan of buying a windmill or hotels to get stars), but 7 had other fun boards to make up for it, as where 8 only had Shy Guys Train that I liked. Plus, the car thing isn't that bad, I prefer to walk around and all , but I wouldn't be mad if the car system stayed. HOWEVER, Bowser mode was the worst, most broken thing in the entirety of the series. If you're playing as Bowser, you can't lose meaning when you're in the car, you can't win. It is designed for the people in the car to lose. ALWAYS. And that's bad game design, UNLESS, it was a 1 player mode where you play as Bowser. Sure, it'd be boring to win all the time, but it wouldn't piss you off every time you played it. Plus, 10 had generic and boring boards. 9 was the same way, but I did like some of them. I can even remember most of them. I can't even really remember one board from 10. TL;DR: Bowser Mode was the worst thing ever and the boards were bad.

    With that accidental rant over, I feel the best way to save Mario Party would be to have it on the Switch because, as much as I love my 3DS, portable Mario Party just doesn't work. Mario Party is more fun to sit around and play with friends. I mean, I played Mario Party by myself all the time growing up, but I know there's more people with friends to play with so it's better off being a home console thing. Next, they should add choices. By this point, there are people who like the car mechanic, and thus they should make it a thing where you can choose to be separated and explore the board or be in a car. That way both audiences are happy.

    I'm hoping Mario Party the top 100 does well so that the franchise doesn't die off. I really want a new one for the Switch because I don't want 10 to be the last of the console legacy. It deserves better than that.
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    release a remix of the three classic games onto a brand new and keep it alive with great updates and online play.

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