Gaming Reinvented - Is Nintendo Creating a Game Boy Classic?

Gaming Reinvented Is Nintendo Creating a Game Boy Classic?

Discussion in 'Gaming News & Trailers' started by GR News, Oct 10, 2017.

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    In recent years, Nintendo’s started getting into the mini retro consoles market. They’ve released the NES Classic Mini, a redone version of the NES with 30 games that ended up being a major phenomenon. They’ve released the SNES Mini, with another 30-odd classic SNES games and just as much hype behind it as the NES […]

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    I can see them doing this, but to be honest and from what I remember, GB was even lesser than the NES right? The games on there wouldn't be worth re-releasing.
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    Nah, there were tons of great Game Boy games, some that sold really well. Obviously the original Pokemon games are good examples, but Super Mario Land sold 18 million copies and Super Mario Land 2 sold 10 million, which put them at the same level as Super Mario Bros 3. Zelda, Metroid and the Wario Land series did well too.

    So there'd definitely be interest in the idea.
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    Some of those titles are titles that I'd be interested in. However, I don't remember getting rid of my Gameboy. I may still have it, I'd just have to go hunt it down and dig it out of wherever it's hiding.

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