July Android/iOS Contest, Week One


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For this week the game will be.... Benji Bananas

Google Play


Players will be competing for the longest distance travelled in the "Grand Tour".

Score submissions should be in the form of screenshots like the one below.

As you can see, this screenshot has a score of 1406.

And as a reminder:

1st place earns 25 points
2nd place earns 15 points
3rd place earns 10 points
4th place earns 5 points

Moreover, during the week I will add 2 new ways to earn points, both related to the game and both earning players 5 extra points.

Good luck!!

Bonus points

1. Take a screenshot of yourself reaching world 5 in the Grand Tour. Claimed by fantanoice. Submitted screenshot.
First person to submit it gets 5 points.
Example screenshot below:

2. Take a screenshot of the "Pass world 2 without hitting spiky plants" achievement. Claimed by fantanoice.
If you don't see it yet then complete the current achievements you have to do until it pops up.

You can find the achievements screen by clicking on the settings icon (hard to miss) followed by the achievements icon (3 stars numbered 1, 2 and 3).