Leaked Mozilla document shows Firefox OS tablet, TV stick, router, and even a keyboard computer


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Earlier this month, Mozilla announced that Firefox OS smartphones would no longer be sold via carriers. Because the company refused to talk about what’s next for Firefox OS, aside from saying it will experiment with “connected devices,” many were left simply to speculate as to what could be in the pipeline. Today, we have a leaked document, which Mozilla confirmed is legitimate.

Leaked by Spanish blog Hipertextual, the document shows four Firefox OS devices: a tablet, a router, a smart TV stick, and a keyboard computer. Two of these have been done in some capacity before, but all four are labeled as “connected devices.” We naturally asked Mozilla for more information.

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Maybe Mozilla discontinued Firefox OS because it was distracting staff from their main goal of making a good alternative browser for users who don't want to use Chrome, and Internet Explorer.

Some of these devices like the TV stick, Keyboard computer, and tablet look nice.
I agree, using a Firefox PC, TV box, and router is too much Firefox for me as well.