Media Gallery


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One of our newest features here on Gaming Latest is a Media Gallery! With this you can easily share any of your gaming media across the GL forums!

We ask that all uploaded images not be posted on other sites due to bandwidth that would eat up! We are not a image hosting site. The hosted advertising banners we have though are excluded from this.

The media gallery is pretty straight forward and works much like the forum features. You can search for the media, watch anything special, comment or fav images you like.

To add media, just click the add media button located in the sub navi links or the bottom to the far right. Once the page loads select a pre-set forum category or make your own album to keep all your images in.

Once you select a choice, further options appear below the choice you selected which you can upload an image based on the criteria shown or you can embed a video if its from an approved site.

At this time everything is unlimited, but if lots of large things tend to get uploaded we may place some restrictions. Announcements in the news board will be made if there are any changes.

Once the image/video is uploaded, give it a description and post it. Then once posted click on what you uploaded and you will be taken to the overview page for what you uploaded where people can comment on it, vote on it, share options and more.

That's all to the media gallery, this could be updated in the future so check back. Any questions or issues, ask below or contact staff.