Microsoft to buy Valve?


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Bruh, that's a bad rumor. After their hellish uphill battle to get Activision, no way they have the funds to buy out Valve. Much less get any approved votes to actually buy them.
Indeed lol Though the leaked document from years ago showed that Microsoft did think of the silly idea lol
Lol you posted this without even reading the community note.
Lol you posted this without even reading the community note.

Phil did think of buying valve before. The leaked document is true. But the 16 billion tweet stuff is of course just a baseless tweet and thus i posted it on the glchat thread with the lol before. Then D_S made this thread.
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What bothers me more than anything is that people want this rumor to be true. They're literally cheering on the destruction of the industry via monopolization
Gaben would answer with "over my dead Body Microsoft!" lol
There is no way that Valve is only worth $18B? They pretty much dominate the PC gaming market, seconded by Epic games. I am not that great with numbers but the logic doesn't seem to add up. I hope this is just a false rumor, I love steam the way it is. :)