Xbox Microsoft's Layoffs


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Just read from GameDaily and GamesIndustry on the layoffs:

In the wake of E3, Microsoft is the latest to be hit by what appears to be a targeted round of layoffs. While layoffs of any sort in any department are bound to be devastating, the positions that have been affected appear to be related to the original content teams handling Inside Xbox and, as of today, Mixer. The Inside Xbox layoffs quietly happened prior to E3.

The layoffs suggest a change in Microsoft's strategy when it comes to producing internal content, both for Xbox and Mixer. However, with Microsoft's financial year due to end on June 30, it could also be an indication of cost-cutting ahead of the next fiscal period.

The cuts at Inside Xbox, which is the Xbox brand's live news show, have removed internal broadcasters, writers, and producers. It would appear that Microsoft is digging deep into removing internal content creation, which has a tendency to be expensive.

It is currently unknown how many staff have been affected, but some have already taken to Twitter to announce their unemployment, including producers Kate Yeager, Mara Baker and Terrance Thomas Jr, video producer Garth Avery, senior producer Joshua Hnosko, and product marketing manager Rukari Austin.

Given the slow rollout, these layoffs and related strategy shift seem to have been brewing for some time now.