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In this forum area, you may create a topic to advertise your YouTube, Twitch or other streaming/content channel. This section is a way of giving back to community members who run their own channel whilst also adding value to those who don't but want to find new people to watch. The rules are as follows:

  • The channels advertised must be gaming related, or at least have a large focus on gaming related content.
  • Please start a separate topic per channel. i.e. if you have a Twitch and YouTube, these would be two different topics.
  • Only create one topic per channel.
  • In order to create a topic you must have 5 posts across the forum.
  • If you can please also do one of the following, it is not required but will help the forum a lot.
    • Tweet out a link to the forum - such as a tweet saying ' - the best source for YouTubers to grow their channels'
    • Leave a Facebook post with the same sort of message as posted above
    • Leave a link to the forum in one of your published, recent videos (at the time of thread creation)
    • Create a video on the forum: what you like, why people should join, etc.
    • Leave a link in your about us section on Twitch or YouTube.
  • Channels may not share any racist/illegal/offensive or pornographic material.
  • You may bump the topic every 48 hours (2 days), with the latest videos published. Please make sure you have posted elsewhere on the forum before bumping the topic, and it would be appreciated if you could send another Tweet or post or something like that.
  • Please embed videos using the BB code supplied in the forum system, rather than linking to them externally.
  • Every month a user with particular activity/contribution or good content produced will become a featured channel. They will get a link to their channel on the sidebar, under the topic of the month area.
  • Please follow the formats listed below for thread creation and bumping a thread.
Creating a new thread
[CENTER][SIZE=5][B][U]Channel Name Here[/U][/B]
[IMG]Channel avatar image here[/IMG][/SIZE][/CENTER]
[*]Link to Gaming Latest promotion:
[*]Date channel started:
[*]Type of content: (RPG, multiplayer, news, podcast, Call of Duty, etc.)
[*]Age rating: (children, teen, adult - based on videos you post)
[*]Channel description:
[*]Link to channel:
[*]Featured video: (leave blank if Twitch streamer)
[*]Additional information:
Bumping a thread
Latest video: (link to stream if a Twitch stream)
Description of video: (what you are playing, when, etc.)
Additional information:
Please private message @Martin if you have any suggestions for changes or improvements to this topic or the overall section.
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