Now, sand-based batteries to power your phone

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    NEW YORK: Believe it or not, using sand as the key material, researchers have created a lithium ion battery that can outperform the current industry standard by three times. 
    "This is the holy grail — a low cost, non-toxic, environmentally friendly way to produce high performance lithium ion battery anodes," said Zachary Favors from University of California, Riverside in the US. 
    Currently graphite is used in battery anodes, and further improvements on graphite are not viable,
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    Sand sounds like a good material for making battery since there is so much sand at the beach, desert, and land. It is also cheaper to gather than mining metals like Lithium or Nickel.
    This is good news for people who's land has a lot of sand since they could sell their sand to battery makers, or create their own sand battery factory.
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    About time they make use of sand, it's nearly limitless.
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    A lithium-ion battery huh...
    wow. It's good to see that we could utilize natural resources like this.
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    Hopefully, sand battery does not cause a shortage of sand which is home to many animals on the beach with sand and dessert animals which use sand for living on.

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