Plans vs Zombies Heroes

Plans vs Zombies Heroes

Discussion in 'PC-Mobile-Others' started by luispas, Jun 19, 2017.

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  1. luispas

    luispas Active Member Full GL Member

    This is a little more "new" one. I played it a lot on my tablet.
    I love that there's a lot of heroes for choose and gain, but the difficult part is to obtain the envelopes, and they never had good cards.
    So I think this is a very pay to win game, it's sad but that's the reality. If you don't pay you won't get good cards never.​
  2. jasonvoorhees

    jasonvoorhees New Member

    The plants vs Zombie games all of them actually I really enjoy playing . It's a great game good fun and also my younger children do like to play this. Good thing about this you can play on the go on your mobile as well as Tablet. So when my young daughter is bored on the bus or train I let her play this game and keeps boredom for her away . Great game :)
  3. IdealMike

    IdealMike New Member

    PvZ is just too addictive! I started playing it years ago and while I haven't in a long time now (honest) I've been tempted to though as it can get quite hectic and mad fun to play when you get to later levels in the game! I think they should release a version for the Nintendo Switch and other next gen gaming consoles and a multiplayer head2head mode would be sick too! That way you could take on other gardeners while both trying to stop the onslaught of the undead at the same time. Make it happen already game devs right!? :D :p
  4. BethSz

    BethSz New Member

    I love every Plants vs. Zombies game! It's a great fun if I don't have time to play difficult games or if I'm on the bus or train. Just the perfect game to kill time and pretty addictive too.
  5. OursIsTheFury

    OursIsTheFury Well-Known Member Full GL Member

    I don't really like to play that kind of stuff. I never got caught up in the fad of mobile games; from Temple Run, to Angry Birds, to Plants vs Zombies; I just kept to my own thing and picked games that I wanted, and basically PvZ was never in my radar. I hear it's a great game though, for what it's worth since it's just short rounds for about 10-30 minutes of playtime. It has an audience I agree, but it's definitely not for me.

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