Post Rating System


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Here on Gaming Latest, we offer the usual like and dislike options to any post made on our forums, but we have something that goes just a little further that that, which is a full rating system allowing you to rate a post however you feel it should be.

Here is a current list that you can vote any post on:

Click on image for full size. Please note the top one is Like which is equal to positive and the bottom is Dumb which is equal to negative.

As you can see, the rating system is still positive and negative, just allowing you to to make it more specific.

To vote on what you want, look for some transparent images to the right of the post right above the signature line:

And click on what you want. Just hover your courser over the image to see what it represents (as I do have mine hovering over informative.)

And on your public profile page you will see this image down a bit in your left hand column:

Which details all the ratings you gave and received.

If there is any certain rating/image you want added, PM Demon_skeith. If you have any issues contact staff or post below.


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The rate images are currently fine as they are, i'm not sure what else to add.