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Since gaminglatest is powered by the xenforo software, you may or may not be use to the reply box which is a bit compacted. I have made the following image that greatly details the entire reply box which is the same regardless if your in a new topic or quick reply box:

Click for full view and please note a few things.

I'm not sure why there is a media button on the bar list, I rather have the quote button there but just know that all media embeds itself automatically. Just past the video url into the reply box and it will embed.

When you click the media button, a box will appear below the reply box containing all your media that you can insert into the post.

For 19 the draft, this is where you can save your post to edit later on or retrieve a draft if you were unable to post your topic.

Please note that for Xenforo and many other software, if you copy and past text into the reply box, it will past exactly as you copy it. Meaning your text will include all formats to it and links as well and possibly the highlights from the cursor. Please make use of 22 deformat button to make your text plain if you wish it to be.

For 23. is where your entire post box will change into a simple post box you would see on zetaboards or in the old days of forums. To revert back to default editor, click the Use Rich Text Editor link under the reply box.

And thats it! Let me or the staff know of any questions.

Since it took me about 40 mins to do all this, this entire post and image are a copyright to gaminglatest! DO NOT USE WITHOUT PERMISSION!